Why should I choose The Pink Cake Box and how much notice do you need?

My cakes are never rushed and I always strive for perfection, with a professional, smooth, high quality finish; hand making all sugar decorations to your specification and with a meticulous attention to detail. Because of this I focus more on quality rather than quantity and only take a certain amount of orders on each week. I recommend at least 6 months notice for wedding cakes, although many couples will book up to 18 months in advance.

What are your prices?

A rough guide for my cakes is provided in the price guide for a more detailed quote you can email me with a basic idea of design and I'll provide you with a more accurate, no obligation quote.

What's the next step to order one of your cakes?

Either fill out the contact form or give me a call and we'll get the ball rolling with some design ideas and arrange an appointment for you and your partner to come in and talk cake!

Are the taste and design consultations free?

I charge a £20 booking fee for appointments at my cake studio - this comes off your final cake invoice in full but just covers some of my initial time spent with you, designing your dream wedding cake and the making of all your sample cakes - 10 flavours/20 pieces of cake. But I must reiterate, it goes entirely towards your save the date deposit of £100 to secure your wedding date. (The deposit is non refundable should you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours notice) 

Do you need a deposit?

A £100 deposit is required to secure your date (so £80 after your initial £20 appointment deposit, although a lot of couples choose to save the date in full before coming to taste and design cakes)

The deposit amount is taken off your final bill but it is a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. I accept cash, cheque and bank transfer as payment of deposits.

Please note, you have 14 days from the payment request date/invoice date to pay your deposit until I re open the date up for orders.

Do all of the tiers have to be the same flavour?

Nope, not at all, in fact I've never made a cake that was all just one flavour! Every tier can be a different flavour which I definitely encourage you to do. Most couples will choose their favourite flavour as the bottom tier and work their way up.

Will a naked cake dry out on the day?

It shouldn't do. I have never had any problems with naked cakes drying out, I set them up as late as possible on your wedding day (usually whilst you are getting married!) it takes around an hour to set them up and I aim to be out of your wedding breakfast room an hour - 30 minutes before you are due to arrive, setting these cakes up as late as possible ensures no unnecessary sitting out for the naked cakes and as long as they aren't next to a giant air con system or radiator we are all good.

Do I need to choose a design from your portfolio?

Absolutely not! I am fully experienced in designing gorgeous bespoke cakes, I've never made exactly the same cake twice! Any cake from my portfolio or from other ideas you have in mind, can be used as inspiration and customised to suit your style and taste. You can email me with a few ideas or bring inspiration to your wedding consultation such as bridal swatches, invites and floral samples; for us to incorporate into your design. I encourage and prefer not to copy designs, so that your cake is unique for your wedding.

Do you have any more pictures of cakes you've made?

Yes! There are LOADS of pictures on my Facebook and Instagram pages, pop over and have a look.

Do you deliver?

I deliver and set up all wedding cakes for a fixed price for up to 10 miles, and at 90p per mile further than this. Please note if you decide to collect your wedding cake (1 or 2 tiered cakes only) I cannot be held responsible for any breakages that you may incur and I strongly advise against transporting your own cake. Wedding favours will be available for you to collect the day before your wedding.

How long will my cake last for after the day?

Naked and semi naked cakes are best eaten within 2 days of your wedding as they have no icing around them to stop them from drying out. Buttercream cakes should keep for 6 days and cakes that are covered in white chocolate ganache and sugar paste icing should keep for around 8 days after being cut. All cakes should be kept at cool room temperature prior to cutting (not in a fridge!) and once cut keep in an air tight container.

Since all of my cakes are baked fresh to order and never pre-frozen, you will be able to freeze any leftovers for 4-6 months. The best way to do this is portion the cake up and wrap each piece in cling film.

How should I store my keep sake decorations from my cake?

As all of my decorations are hand made from sugar they will, in theory, last forever if kept away from moisture, sunlight and heat. You should keep them in a cool dry place. Never keep them in the fridge or freezer as it is full of moisture - the colours will run and the decorations will sweat and go sticky.

Will you decorate a cake that I/my mum/my nan/Uncle Bob has baked?

No. It is against food hygiene and safety regulations for me to decorate someone else's cake as I cannot guarantee what is inside the cake I would not be insured if anything was to go wrong.

Can I buy sugar flowers from you to decorate my own cake?

My sugar flowers are designed and created exclusively for my own cakes and are not sold separately.

Can we use fresh flowers in the cake design?

Yes we can, and they always look absolutely stunning. You will order this directly with your florist so that they match all of your wedding flowers. I will write in your cake information/invoice how many stems I would suggest that you ask your florist for and I am also happy to liase with your florist to make sure we are on the same page and that they know what to bring. My preferred way to work with the flowers on the day is just simply all in a bucket, I will cut the stems to size, wrap them in florist tape and insert them into the cake on plastic posy picks - stems should never be inserted directly into the cake and for this reason I strongly prefer to arrange all fresh flowers on your cake on the day myself.

Certain flowers are toxic and may contain pesticides which are not recommended for cakes. We definitely can't use delphiniums, some lilies, or ivy on your cake and there are also others which should not be in direct food contact, your florist should be able to advise you further.

Do you make cakes for special diets?

I make dairy-free cakes using Pure sunflower spread instead of butter.

I make vegan chocolate mud or carrot cake which has no dairy or eggs in.

I can cater to gluten intolerance with my gluten avoided cakes - in which I use gluten free self-raising flour and gluten free baking powder.

Although I am very conscious about cross-contamination and allergy awareness and I will always bake special diet cakes at the start of my baking day, my kitchen is not a certified allergy free kitchen so I cannot definitely guarantee that there will be no dairy, eggs or flour in the cakes as my kitchen handles these products on a daily basis. If you are very highly allergic to any of the above items I suggest that you don't order from me.

I do not offer nut free cakes as my kitchen handles nuts on a regular basis.

I have a question that wasn't answered here

No worries, just send me a message and I'd be happy to help.